We have superior laboratory technology and equipment and highly trained laboratory professionals. With this combination, you can rest assured that your turn-around time will be fast and test results accurate.

Full Service Clinical Laboratory

Our local full-service clinical laboratory has a large in-house test menu

Local Courier Service

Our courier service is provided at no extra cost to you! We come directly to your office to collect labs Monday-Friday on a scheduled route or as needed.

STAT Service

STAT lab & STAT courier services available in most areas.

System Interfacing

With our system interfacing services, we provide faster results with multiple billing options.

Laboratory Supplies

In most cases, we provide laboratory supplies at no cost to the provider. Call us or use this order form to request supplies which can typically be delivered the same day ordered.

Direct Access

If you need to talk to one of our registered medical technologists, clinical laboratory scientists or other laboratory professionals, we are available!

Exposure Testing

We are here for your staff and can provide exposure testing for your nurses, MAs and other staff that may have been accidently exposed to disease.

Employee Health Fair

Keep your healthcare professionals who work for you healthy with our Employee Health Fair program.

Billing Flexibility

We are flexible with our billing and can bill patients directly or provide client billing to doctors’ offices.

Patient Services

We provide many patient services including multiple draw sites and on-site draws for the home bound patient.

Phlebotomy School

If you have a nurse or medical assistant that could use some blood draw training, send them to our phlebotomy school to help them gain confidence and skill.

The Express Lab Advantage

Express Lab is a world-class, full service, clinical laboratory with an extensive in-house test menu. As a local clinical lab, we provide personalized service with home-town endearment that includes consistent pick-up, fast reporting, STAT services and direct access to laboratory professionals. There is no appointment necessary for patients and we get them in and out quickly. For home bound individuals, we’ll go to them.

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Providing clinical laboratory services in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Rexburg and the surrounding communities.