We support the initiative to promote health within corporations and businesses with our Employee Health Fair program. With our corporate wellness offering, we select a date and come to your location so your employees have the convenient opportunity to have medical laboratory tests performed to promote individual health.

Employee Health Fair

Our program includes the following:

Custom Panels

We provide custom test panels (groups) that target the area of concern for your company.

Special Pricing

Our Corporate Wellness program comes with specialized and discounted pricing.

Expert Phlebotomists

When we come to your location, we bring our expert phlebotomists who are highly trained and experienced.

Private and Personalized Results

Once we have performed the clinical tests, we provide the results in a private and personalized envelope.

Corporate Wellness Sign-up

To inquire or sign-up for a corporate wellness event, please call 208-529-8330 or fill out the form below:

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