If your facility/clinic is a current Express Lab customer, use the form below to request a specimen pickup by our couriers. If you are not a current customer, but would like to begin using our provider lab services, please click the button to sign up.

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Request Specimen Pickup

  • Routine Priority: Our couriers will pick up the specimen as part of their normal routes with same day results or early next day results for late pickups (result times will be longer for send-out tests)
  • STAT Priority: Please use only when test/result are very time sensitive or urgent (usually an hour or less once the specimen is in our lab if the procedure allows)


IF YOU SUBMIT A PICKUP REQUEST AFTER NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS (8am-5pm) or after the last daily scheduled courier pickup for your facility, ensure that you understand the testing stability for the specimen and preserve it accordingly for a pickup the next business day. If you’re unsure of the stability for the specimen, review the requirements on our Clinical Test Directory. Download and print this quick reference form that highlights our hours, clinic contacts and courier schedules.

* IF YOUR COMPANY HAS MULTIPLE LOCATIONS please include enough information so that our couriers can find you, including the city and street if needed. (e.g., Acme Clinic – IF Snake River Landing)