Occult Blood Collections (Stool Sample)

The following procedures are for Occult Blood Collections also known as stool samples.

  1. Remove slide from paper dispensing envelope. Using a ball-point pen, write name, age, and address on the front of the slide. DO NOT TEAR THE SECTIONS APART.
  2. Fill in sample collection date on section 1 before a bowel movement. Flush toilet, and allow to refill. Unfold flushable collection tissue and float on surface of water. Allow edges to stick to sides of bowl. Let stool fall onto collection tissue. Collect sample before it contacts the toilet bowl water.
  3. Open front of section 1. Use one stick to collect a small sample. Apply a thin smear covering box A. Collect second sample from different part of stool with same stick. Apply a thin smear covering box B. If used, flush collection tissue: discard stick in a waste container. DO NOT FLUSH STICK.
  4. Close and secure front flap of section 1 by inserting it under tab. Store slide in paper envelope provided until next day.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the next two days, using sections 2 & 3. After completing the last section, store the slide to dry in paper envelope provided overnight.
  6. After third collection, remove slide from the paper envelope and place in mailing pouch. Seal pouch carefully and immediately return to the laboratory.
  7. Remember to place slide in paper envelope overnight – this allows it to air dry.
  8. Do not place sampled slide in any moisture proof material such as plastic bags.
  9. Do not store slide in refrigerator at any time.