Standard Phlebotomy Procedures

Patient Identification

Prior to any patient procedure, proper identification is a priority. Proper identification is a three-step process.

  1. Ask the patient to state his/her full name.
  2. Compare the name on the test requisition with the patient response.
  3. Validate patient identification by either checking the armband from hospitalized patients, or by checking some valid form of ID (driver’s license, military ID, etc.) from ambulatory patients.

Patient Preparation

Patient should be asked to remove any candy, gum or lozenges from their mouth before proceeding to avoid inhalation during draw.

Specimen Collection

Equipment Preparation

  1. Blood drawing chair (if patient is ambulatory)
  2. Blood collection needle & holder (or syringe)
  3. Proper evacuated tubes
  4. Tourniquet
  5.  Antiseptics: alcohol, iodine, or surgical soap
  6. Cotton/gauze/bandages
  7. Sharps disposal container
  8. Permanent marking pen or labels
  9. Gloves

Additional Supplies

Additional supplies could include; ammonia inhalant & cold compress for patients who faint or become dizzy, and disinfectant for cleaning up spills.