Cole Diagnostics Laboratory Update

Cole Diagnostics Laboratory - in Boise closed. Now Express Lab provides services.


Cole Diagnostics Laboratory Closure

Although Cole Diagnostics closed its clinical laboratory in December 2022, patients can still receive quality laboratory services at Express Lab, now located in the building on Marigold Street in Garden City.

Express Lab is proud to announce that we have expanded our laboratory services to the Treasure Valley!  We are an Idaho-grown company that is committed to providing quality laboratory services to this community. Our standards of excellence revolve around affordable, patient-centered care and we are dedicated to providing the best experience possible for the residents of Boise and its surrounding areas.

Express Lab locations

After the Cole Diagnostics Laboratory closed, we moved the Meridian location to Everest Surgical Center at 2960 E. St. Lukes Street, Ste 200.

Our main draw site is still open at the former Cole Diagnostics Laboratory location in Garden City, at 7988 W. Marigold Street, next to the laboratory.

Walk-ins are welcome at both locations.  Click on links below for more information.

Meridian Location

Garden City Location


Upon the closure of Cole Diagnostics Laboratory, Express Lab began providing service in the Treasure Valley.